1. Can the SmartPlate™ be used on both sides?
Yes, make sure you image both sides before running on the press.

2. Can SmartPlate™ be saved and re-used?
We don't necessarily recommend re-using our plates, the quality during their re-use is so inconsistent; yet we're aware of some of our customers who do indeed re-use our SmartPlate™.

3. What is the length of run I can expect?
Up to 20,000 per side, depending on the form roller pressures and the amount of alcohol you are running.

4. Do I have to use certain types of ink?
No, you may use any type of ink and any color.

5. Do I have to change my fountain solution?
In most cases you do not. In some cases it maybe necessary to lower the percentage of Alcohol or use a more pure water.

6. Does your fountain concentrate work with Metal, Silver or electrostatic plates?
Yes, SmartPlate™ Fountain Solution #390 is an excellent all purpose fountain concentrate.

7. Can I wash off the plates with my blanket/roller wash?
No, solvents will wipe off the image, destroying the plate.

8. Is it possible to reuse the SmartPlate™?
Yes, but you need to decide if that is best for you. Remember, you will have it in memory or on a disk. Why store the plate away and risk scratches?

9. Can I use any laser printer?
Yes and no. For highest quality/longest length of run, we recommend the HP LaserJet 5000/5100 Series. Almost any laser printer will fix toner to the plate, the HP LaserJet 5000/5100 Series consistently fuses the toner at the correct temperature with the highest of quality. Some other printers vary in quality and the resulting length of run.

10. Can I run halftones on the SmartPlate™?
Yes, up to a 133 line screen.

11. Are there any other chemicals available?
Yes, there is SmartPlate™ Etch #392 for prewetting the plate; SmartPlate™ Prep designed for laser printers that leave a residue of dots (scatter); SmartPlate™ Fountain Solution #390; and SmartPlate Clean Print 396.

12. Can I run a shorter plate then what is needed to cover my cylinder?
Yes, just like silver or electrostatic plates, you can run a shorter plate and wet down the back with etch or fountain solution.

13. Can I run tight registration?
Absolutely Yes! The SmartPlate™ is designed to hold very tight registration enabling you to run 2, 3, or 4 spot color jobs. If your press pressures cause elongation of punched holes, there is the SmartStrip, an aluminum piece with adhesive available that will eliminate any movement.