About Us

Hurst Chemical is a leading manufacturer of products for the graphic arts industry. We sell our pressroom solutions and supplies nationally and internationally through our Midwest distribution center. Our centrally located plant delivers reliable, expedient and economical shipping to our customers. For over 60 years, printers have been able to count on our high quality pressroom chemicals and technical service to support their pressroom production needs. As a family owned business, the longevity of our reputation is based on quality and confidence. The creation of the Hurst Graphics™ and SmartPlate™ brands secures our name as a continuing industry leader. Our experienced managers and support staff provide a comprehensive, single source for your pressroom supplies and technical solutions.

For over 60 years, Hurst Graphics has been the leading brand printers rely on for the highest quality of offset pressroom chemistry. We set the standard for superior rubber rejuvenators, glaze removers, and ink additives. Unique products like quick release blanket coating solve specific pressroom issues. Original Hurst Graphics’ formulations have been enhanced and upgraded to satisfy the professional printer. Thanks to our extensive dealer network, Hurst Graphics’ fountain solution, convention roller and blanket wash, environmental blanket and roller wash, blanket fix, adhesives and lubricants can be found everywhere. Our extensive product offering includes cleaner sheets, printing blankets and pressroom supplies.

Located in Southern California, Hurst Chemical is well versed on environmental issues facing printers whose businesses are impacted by water, air and ground regulatory agencies. Our managers serve in industry association groups to understand and learn about current printer’s business concerns. We are involved at the development level of regulatory issues as well as the testing follow through. We support graphic communications education through Cal Poly located in San Luis Obispo. Our sales and support team members are available for consultation specifically on the impact of Rule 1171in the South Coast Air Quality Management District SCAQMD. Our expertise begins with understanding how to reduce your environment footprint through using chemical products that reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and plant emissions.

At Hurst Chemical our comprehensive pressroom solutions help to reduce your liability and allow for business expansion. Over the years, we have found that printers need their questions answered immediately. Hurst’s 24/7 Technical support team grew out of that recognition. Assessment of pressroom compliance and how to include sustainability in the pressroom has become one of our most requested value added services. Hurst comprehensive pressroom solutions help in reducing your liability and allow for business expansion.

In 1999 we shifted our focus to develop innovative digital solutions for the small offset press. Smart Printing Solution became our signature for technical solutions, education and training. Our mission is to optimize your pressroom’s performance and improving your company’s profitability. Dealers and printing customers, who participate in the Smart Printing Solution alliance, are offered a wide range of valuable products, services and resources.

SmartPlate™ was the revolutionary CTP system for small offset that utilized the HP 5000/5100 series digital laser printer. Our line now encompasses the original and new Xtreme for the Xante 5 Platemaker and IO SmartPlate™ IO for SP´´´´C9600 an OEM digital color press that works in conjunction as a high resolution plate making system, SmartLink™ software and certification, SmartPlate™ digital printing enhancements, and 24/7 Smart Technical Support.

Smart Printing Solution Alliance value added services, support and training include:

  • Easing the transition from traditional lithography into digital color printing
  • Maximizing the performance of your offset press in a digital environment
  • Establishing effective lines of communication between people and digital systems
  • Practical solutions for printers’ pre-press and pressroom technical problems
  • Linking applications to outcome, customer expectations to production realities

Smart Link™ Certification means digital documentation, registration, configuration and enhancements. Our 24/7 Technical Support team commitment is to our customers’ immediate needs for consistent product performance and production outcome.

The success of a Smart Plate™ Digital Printing System in your pressroom is our goal!